Yevhen, Ukraine

Incredible talent

Yevhen Lebedyn

8 years, Kyiv

Yevhen is a true TV star. The viewers fell in love with his smile and a sincere gaze. Having started in TV advertising, Yevhen moved to more serious roles. First he played supporting roles and then as the leading actor. This blue-eyed boy stars in popular TV series for all kinds of audiences.

Experts who work with Yevhen praise his deep sense of responsibility and a hard-working nature. They do not consider him a child and treat him as an adult. Yevhen sometimes had little sleep and was tired, but he always stayed strong. That is why Yevheniv is loved by TV professionals and viewers alike; the latter regularly send him letters with words of gratitude.

Yevhen wants to become a professional as he finished specialized courses for young TV anchors. He also took part in the Little Giants talent show, gaining more fame in the country. Overall, he played in 11 films and contributed to 24 TV shows. People started to recognize him on streets, yet Yevhen does not even think of taking a break. His main goal is Hollywood.

“All people must be honest, kind and love their country.”

“I have achieved success due to hard work and my family. Success is when you attain your goal and feel happy when you do something nice for other people.”