Anastasia & Roman, Ukraine

Winners of Voice.Kids

Anastasia Bahinska

10 years, Kyiv region

This red-haired girl is a brilliant singer. Since the age of five, Anastasia decided to pursue her passion in music, entering the music school and starting to perform on stage. Anastasia sings in three languages, while her portfolio includes Ukrainian folk songs, international hits, jazz compositions as well as her own songs. She has also proved a competent character voice for films and cartoons, even though such an arduous task is usually given to experienced adult actors.

Anastasia’s marvelous voice became a gem at Ukraine’s SuperCub football championship opening and the new football season. She sang the national anthem of Ukraine, uniting the players, visitors and everyone who watched the match on TV.

Despite her tight schedule, Anastasia has time for singing, painting, horse riding and ice skating, as well as taking part in TV features. She won two Gran Prix at the international festivals in Moldova and Belarus. She is proud with her mission — to represent Ukraine in the world and bring fame to her hometown.

“Music unites everyone.”

“If you start doing something, you have to immerse yourself 100 percent. You have to do everything gradually, consistently and correctly.”

“Dream big and achieve your dreams! Even the bravest idea can become a reality. Aspire to learning and discovering new things. Never stop but follow your dream.”

Roman Sasanchin

10 years, Ternopil region

A boy with a magical voice worthy of remarkable Robertino Loreti. His performance of O sole mio for the Mother’s Day gathered full crowd at the Lviv Philharmonic. Roman sings a variety of songs ranging from Italian opera to Ukrainian folk songs, shchedrivky and kolyadky.

Roman moved to Lviv and enrolled in the music school in order to sing professionally. In addition to traditional subjects, he studies solfeggio, vocal and plays four musical instruments — oboe, accordion, bayan and piano. Roman strives to be completely independent, therefore, he writes lyrics, composes music and performs on his own.

Roman toured across the whole country enchanting his listeners. He also became the winner at several Ukrainian music festivals and took part in the Voice. Kids show. Yet Roman’s aspirations go beyond Ukrainian borders, as he received an international concert tour diploma in Germany and Switzerland. The talented child will become a professional singer in a few years, as there are no barriers that the Ukrainians cannot overcome.

“I dream about travelling across the world and grow up as a famous performer.”

“When I was coming on stage, I thought about my family. I am thankful to my parents for their support. When I was singing Andriy Malyshko’s Pisnya pro rushnyk, I recalled my kindergarten and the moment of waiting before my mother comes to take me home.”