Yelyzaveta, Ukraine

Piano virtuoso

Yelyzaveta Khaliavchenko-Babich

13 years, Dnipropetrovsk region

Yelyzaveta (Lisa) is an en epitome of positive mood girl who plays piano brilliantly. The girl has special needs due to the Down syndrome. When Lisa was six, she was refused to study in an ordinary secondary school. Therefore, she began her studies in a music school in order to tell the world about her feelings. Once Lisa succeeded in music, she was invited to an ordinary school. Today, she has good grades and has a lot of friends.

Lisa is very hard-working. Despite the genetic disorder, she works every day to improve her piano skills as well as takes dance and drawing lessons, making every day count. She learns about the world through fairy tales and works tirelessly to self-improve.

Lisa’s talent was praised on international contests and festivals. After her triumph at the Golden Bridges festival in Bulgaria where she won the Grand Prix, the President of Ukraine personally greeted Lisa.

Jostiband, the Dutch orchestra with the largest number of musicians with special needs, visited Ukraine severl years ago. Lisa represented Ukraine on stage with honor and dignity.

“Learn, learn more and then work as hard as you can.”

“I play fairy tales for the people.”

“Music saved my life.”