Anastasia, Ukraine

Inspiring artist

Anastasia Novytska

13 years, Kyiv

Anastasia went blind at the age of one. She started to see again after a complex surgery and now goes to a school for the short-sighted children. Anastasia is an artist. Since the age of six, she creates wonderful Petrykivka paintings, a genre of traditional Ukrainian art. This artistic technique is the only one from Ukraine that was included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. Therefore Anastasia’s favorite artist is Halyna Nazarenko, a world-renowned master of the Petrykivka painting.

Anastasia created dozens of paintings largely depicting flowers. In 2012, she won the artistic festival Believe in Yourself. Her painting with beatiful gerberas is now featured on one of Ukrainian postal stamps.

Also, Anastasia takes singing lessons, performing in a local band, and plays the cello. The girl works hard to develop her talents in order to learn more about the world and tell about her new impressions to everyone around.

“You should value the uniqueness of every human being.”

“I can draw the Black Square too!”

“My logic lies in its absence and I love it.”