Vitaliy, Ukraine

A prodigy child

Vitaliy Nechayev

12 years, Cherkasy region

This child is a true prodigy and intellectual. He has extensive knowledge of history, geography, astronomy and maths. Vitaliy has a unique memory as he could tell the distance from Jupiter to Saturn or describe all road sings before he even went to school.

Now he prefers encyclopedias and dictionaries to fairy tales and comic books. Vitaliy has serious plans for the future. He wants to finish school and get at least two degrees in history and foreign languages. Despite his young age, he even read brief lectures for university students.

His talents were noticed and Vitaliy won many Ukrainian intellectual contests and received Giuseppe Sciacca prize. When he came to get the award, the entire hall of the Pontifical Urban University rose to applaud.

“Among historic personalities, I admire Ukrainian Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytskyi and Napoleon. These were people with resolve.”

“Heroism and all-encopassing desire to win granted the Netherlands its independence. That is exactly what we had during Maidan too.”