Dasha, Ukraine

Gymnast champion

Dasha Zhurbenko

8 years, Vinnytsia

This young Ukrainian beauty is a model, a dancer and a sports enthusiat. Last year she won Mini Miss competition in her hometown of Vinnytsia, then in Ukraine and later scored victory in the world contest. Over the last three years, she won 12 competitions, receiving awards in beauty contests. She has also taken part in catwalk shows, while her images were featured in commercials and magazine covers.

Dasha also cares for the nature, participating in an environmental project where she wore a dress made of plastic bags. All participants of the event gathered to see it with their own eyes — it looked incredible!

However, Dasha’s main passion is rhythmic gymnastics, as she wants to become a professional dancer. Exercises with a ribbon are her favorite. When she is asked about professional goals, she responds succinctly, “I want to get the Olympic gold for the Ukrainian national team.”

“During the competition, as in life, the main thing is to smile, be confident and not worry.”

“You have to believe in yourself. Only hard word can bring you to success.”