Viktor & Yulia, Ukraine

Football genius and model

Yulia Mishko

9 years, Uzhhorod

Yulia has a “million dollar smile” as people in show business say. Last year, she participated in the Little Miss World contest, winning the nomination of Mini Miss Continent. This was not just a beauty competition, but a talent show where every participant had to demonstrate a dance or a special eco-project. Yulia did her part masterfully.

Her life is full of filming and training sessions. But this girl still manages to get good grades in school, learn English, while she also loves drawing and ice-skating. Perhaps this is the reason she never got a star syndrome, as there is simply no time for narcissism.

Yulia loves her hometown and uses every opportunity to tell about Transcarpathia and Ukraine when she is travelling abroad. During her participation in Little Miss World, she surprised the viewers and the judges with a wonderful pop video, which featured 30 children dancing on the hill. Indeed, Transcarpathia, historically referred as the Silver Land, is a sunny land.

“I am inspired by the people with a good sense of humor.”

“I love to draw. Usually I try to depict puppies and kittens.”

“Transcarpathia is one of the best places in Ukraine if you want to relax. You can enjoy a crystall clear air in here.”

Viktor Averin

11 years, Donetsk region

A 11-year-old Viktor is an orphan. Although he is young, he has endured a lot of hardships in his life, spending most of it in orphanages. With the outbreak of war in eastern Ukraine, he and other children were forced to flee to the large industrial city of Mariupol near the Sea of Azov.

Viktor sings in an ensemble and participates in all festivities of his school. But the boy’s favourite activity is football. His first coach told that he even wanted to adopt Vitaliy to help him become a famous football player. Vitaliy is a big fan of Barcelona Football Club, while his favourite player is Lionel Messi.

Football is Vitaliy’s greatest passion. He is ready to train everyday in order to reach the mastery to play in his favourite team. The greatest reward for him is a recognition and praise of others.

“You can win in the game only if you act as a teamplayer. I am a right back defender and my main task is to protect our gates from the rival team. However, I use opportunities to score goals too.”

“The greatest success in the field is the feeling of victory.”