Varvara & Oleksandra, Ukraine

Genious violinists

Oleksandra Khmara

11 years, Kyiv

Oleksandra plays violin since the age of six. Her brilliant solo performances as well as part of an orchestra honed her skills as a musician. Over her music career, Oleksandra played Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Kreisler’s Prelude and Allegro, Bériot’s Ballet’s scenes.

She played in the best Ukrainian concert halls. Mozart and Bach are among her favorite composers, while concerts for violins with orchestra are her most admirable pieces. She is also a keen music student who appreciates sophisticated opera.

Another passion of Oleksandra is ballroom dances. She joined a local dance club when she was five, gaining numerous awards from the local and regional competitions. Last year, she and her partner became champions of Ukraine in Latin American dances. Furthermore, Oleksandra won several competitions in Ukrainian language and the Taras Shevchenko poetic contest. Oleksandra’s another hobby is painting and she loves her younger sister.

“I want to communicate to the listeners the colors of my drawings through the power of music.”

“After the hours of work and rehearsals, the best moment is when you go on the stage.”

Varvara Vasylyeva

12 years, Kyiv

Varvara is a Ukrainian violinist and a daughter of a priest. She is very young but played a range of music masterpieces already that made listeners all across Europe hold their breath. She performed at various stages in Belgium, Germany and France, hence Varvara and her mother are always on the road to another grateful audience somewhere.

Varvara plays violin everyday for at least five hours. Her favorite composers include Beethoven, Rachmaninoff and Prokofiev. She is fascinated by symphony and opera music, cherishing dreams of playing in Paris and Sydney operas as well as in Carnegie Hall in the future.

However, Varvara’s creativity is much wider. She also tries to write her own music and developed a great appreciation of fine arts. Thus she loves works of Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali in Paris. Varvara travelled thousands of kilometers to see them in Paris and feel the beauty of every work.

“If Paris were a film, Beethoven’s Kreutzer Sonata should have been its original score.”

“You cannot just play by the notes, you have to feel the music,” said Varvara