Veronika, Ukraine

Chess champion in Europe 2015

Veronika Veremyuk

9 years, Kyiv

Veronika (Nika) is a rising chess star. She has won the Kyiv and Ukraine’s national chess championships four times already. In October 2015, she reached a new height by winning a European chess championship in Croatia in her age category. After the victory, Veronika’s received words of congratulations from numerous people including the President of Ukraine.

Nika’s parents tell that she got interested in chess after reading Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass. Under the cover of surreal plot and bizarre heroes, the book describes a wholesale chess match. Nika’s favorite chess grandmaster is Robert Fischer, 11th champion of the world.

Veronika enjoyed support of her parents in every endevour. Her mother learned to play chess with her and was especially happy when her daughter started to win game after game. Besides chess, Veronika also loves acrobatics and chemistry.

Some of her favourite quotes are: “I want, I can, I do” and “Chess is the soul of the logic.”